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Yet Another Scrabble Blog
A nice little early morning quiz.  This probably won't prove very hard to some out there, but here it is just to get the brain jogging.  Don't look over to the right until you want the answer.  Duh.

BRETT + AA = AABERTT (1)                                              TABARET
BRETT + AE = ABEERTT(2)                                              ABETTER, BERETTA
BRETT + AI   = ABEIRTT (2)                                               BATTIER, BIRETTA
BRETT + AL = ABELRTT (3)                                              BATTLER, BLATTER, BRATTLE
BRETT + AO = ABEORTT (2)                                             ABETTOR, TABORET
BRETT + AS = ABERSTT (1)                                              BATTERS
BRETT + AU = ABERTTU (1)                                             ABUTTER
BRETT + AY = ABERTTY (1)                                              BATTERY
BRETT + ES = BEERSTT (1)                                             BETTERS
BRETT + EU = BEERTTU (1)                                             BURETTE
BRETT + HO = BEHORTT (1)                                            BETROTH
BRETT + HU = BEHRTTU (1)                                            TURBETH
BRETT + II = BEIIRTT (1)                                                    BITTIER
BRETT + IL = BEILRTT (1)                                                 BRITTLE
BRETT + IN = BEINRTT (1)                                                BITTERN
BRETT + IS = BEIRSTT (1)                                                 BITTERS
BRETT + IU = BEIRTTU (1)                                                TRIBUTE
BRETT + LO = BELORTT (2)                                              BOTTLER, BLOTTER
BRETT + OS = BEORSTT (1)                                             BETTORS
BRETT + SU = BERSTTU (1)                                             BUTTERS
BRETT + UY = BERTTUY (1)                                              BUTTERY

Your next task is to find all of the anagrams in HAUGHNEY.

HINT:  There aren't any.

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When I was in elementary school and we were first exposed to the periodic table I quickly noticed a fun fact regarding the chart.  I went around telling everyone that YTTERBIUM was my favorite element because it contained the letters in my name backwards.  This was about the time I was first able to seriously sidle up the table with my great-grandfather, grandmother, mom to form words on the board with the big kids.  I have been playing ever since. 

Flash forward to 2005 and my first Arden cub.  Needless to say when I am holding ABEIRTT, I say BATTIER but not BIRETTA.  Shuffling tiles frustratedly, I arrange TTERBIA, then see the open Y on the board, and my relationship with the word is rejuvenated.   Hence, the screen name.

The next week at club after the Arden I play it again.  The more and more I play the less I think that YTTERBIA is such an obscure word, but to play it twice in a week is weird at best.  This week the same thing happened.  In a game with Quackle on Monday I am able to play it a third time and this morning on the train, a fourth (this time however it is YTTERBIC). 

Maybe this is only cool to me, but I figured I would share.

So now to learn some words.  Here are all of the 2-9 letter words with the letters BRETT in sequence (forward or backward):


Now, I am the ultimate egomaniac.

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