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My Year in Scrabble: 2008 - 43-33 +2318 - Yet Another Scrabble Blog
My Year in Scrabble: 2008 - 43-33 +2318
I don't play very many tournaments, so this should be pretty short.

Chicago IL - 03/22/08
5-9 +253 (18 of 24 - Div.1)
1504 -> 1428

Started as 12th seed, and finished 18th. Of all of my career tournaments, this was definitely the one I tanked. I couldn't do anything at this tournament, which is no good for an open. People I should have been beating, were slipping by, and people who I should have split games with were trouncing me. And all I could do was watch it happen. ugh. Just thinking about it gives me a sour feeling.

Chicago IL - 05/24/08
10-10 +28 (14th of 32 - Div. 2)
1428 -> 1477

Started as 23rd seed, finished 14th.  Best even tourney finish ever.  I start out 1-7, and finish 9-3.  By the end my brain was firing on all cylinders.  My last game was a huge cathartic trouncing.  After a rough start, I'll take it.

Hazel Park, MI - 06/28/08
11-3 +1054 (1st of 34 - Div. 2)
1477 -> 1535

Started as 5th seed, and finished 1st. My first multi-day win! This one came down to the final game against Dave Turissini.  I didn't need to win, I just needed to keep from losing by 132.  I lost by 120! You can see the write up here. I am still winless against porosus  in tournament play, but this time I got the big win so I guess that's okay.

National Scrabble Championship - 07/26/08
17-11 +783  (17th of 134 - Div. 2)
1535 -> 1697

Started 92nd, and finished 17th.   My first day was terrible.  I was 2-5, going into Day 2, but it felt like 0-7.  Then I went 13-2 including a lossless Day 3.  Then I got up to the big boy tables and proceeded to flounder again.  I opened Day 4 with a mind-numbing loss at table 1 to bbstenniz  who ran away with things.  Then went 3-Fiszbein, losing to Papa Fiszbein twice and Alex once.  My last game was probably my second most fun game of the tournament with a runner-gunner loss to Papa Fiszbein.  I can only be happy with this tourney as I met every once of my goals.  Top 25 (top 20 hopeful) and 1600+ (1700 hopeful). 

So I was 43-33 +2318.  My rating went from 1504 to a low of 1428 and up to a current 1697.  Can't complain for 4 tournaments.

My next tourney will be the East Coast Championship in February.  To all of those attending, my birthday is the 12th of February, so a really nice present would be a win against you.  Feel free to throw our game, my ego won't be bruised I promise.

I already have confirmed guests at my parents' house of Kate F-C and TomErica.  My mom said the more the merrier.    Should be an interesting start to 2009.

Goals for next year:

-go to more than 6 tournaments
-go to Albany NYE
-break 1700
-other things as well

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bbstenniz From: bbstenniz Date: December 9th, 2008 08:55 pm (UTC) (Link)
good goals. Charlotte will be lots of fun. Sorry about bursail*, that was silly...
kismet09 From: kismet09 Date: December 9th, 2008 09:10 pm (UTC) (Link)
most likely, i will have jesse in tow as well (i'm too lazy to spell his username right now). i can't wait!
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